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Cookies in general
The websites of Green Leaves Education Foundation, with the official social media pages controlled by us, as well as with the HTML-formatted email messages that we could send you (hereinafter collectively referred to as "pages") use cookies and similar technologies.

For the access and use of our sites, it is important for us to use cookies and related technologies. Cookies enable the proper functioning of our pages. You have the option of disabling cookies that are used in the browser you are using (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.). Blocking cookies in your browser settings may be detrimental to the use of our sites.

The purpose of cookies is in particular the analysis of the use of this website for statistical evaluation. In addition, we may use advertising cookies and tracking technologies to give you an enhanced and / or customized experience on our pages. You are not required to allow this promotional cookie usage. If you do not allow the use of advertising cookies, this will in no way affect the use of our website.

In your browser, you can disable cookies in the settings at any time in whole or in part. If you disable cookies, you may not have access to all features of this website.
What is a cookie?

  • A cookie is a file that is stored when you visit websites on your computer or mobile device and allows and / or third parties
  • to enable certain functionalities of a page
  • perform anonymous data analysis and
  • Save your preferences to speed up your future activities and personalize your experience on our site. A cookie is able to because the pages can read and modify this small file. You allow the pages to recognize you, to remember important information about you that makes your website more enjoyable (such as your preferences), and to display content (including advertising) tailored to you

Some cookies store personal information, for example when you click "Save password" when logging in. However, most cookies do not collect data that identifies you, but they collect more general information such as the name of the website from which the cookie originated, the "lifetime" of the cookie (that is, how long the cookie will stay on your device) Importance of the cookie and a number, which is usually a randomly generated number.

What types of cookies are there?
Cookies can be used for one session or as persistent cookies. A session cookie automatically goes out as soon as you close the browser. Persistent cookies are retained until they expire (expiration date is set in the cookie itself) or you delete it. If data collected through cookies represents personal data, the privacy policy applies to the use of such data.

Which cookies do we use?
Examples of functionality:


These cookies are important for our pages to work properly. They allow you to navigate our pages and use features. For example, these cookies remember previously entered text when you return to a page during the same session. For example, they allow visitors to watch videos, play games, use blogs, chat rooms, forums or even social tools.

These cookies could partially identify you as a person, but only in special cases. Namely, when you enter personal data (order, contact, etc.).

Examples of performance:

  • _ga (Google Analytics)
  • _gat (Google Analytics)
  • _gid (Google Analytics)

These cookies collect data in anonymous form and usually can not identify you as a person.

Other technologies
Our sites also use other tracking technologies, such as IP addresses and / or log files.
IP addresses:

The IP address is a number used by the computer on the network to identify this computer as soon as it is connected to the Internet. We store IP addresses for the following purposes:

For troubleshooting
To maintain website security
To better understand how our websites are used

Log data:
We store log data that records the website activity. These log data are usually generated anonymously. However, there are also those that record the activities of users personalized - for example, when you fill out a form (a registration, an order, a registration with personal data and submit). Furthermore, the following information is stored in such log data:

  • browser type and operating system
  • Information about the session of the user (such as URL, where he came from, date and time of website visit
  • Information about the session, which pages were viewed for how long
  • Other similar click data flows. Information collected through Google Analytics will be kept for up to 36 months.

Web Beacons:
We or third parties may use web beacons (also called tracking bug, web bug) on ​​our pages. Web beacons are small strings that provide a way to project a graphic image onto a web page for the purpose of transmitting data back to us. Collected data may include information about how a user is responding to an email campaign (e.g., when the email was opened, what link was clicked in the email, etc.).

  • You can prevent Web beacons by clicking
  • completely block the download of external graphics in your e-mail program and then only allow them to be selected
  • Suitable extensions such as AdBlock make counting pixels visible and can also block further tracking attempts

This website does not actively use advertising cookies.

Other, similar technologies

  • IP Addresses: An IP address is a number used by computers on the network to identify your computer when you go online. We store IP addresses for the following purposes: to troubleshoot, to maintain website security, to better understand how our websites are used, and to better tailor the content to your needs Country in which you are.
  • Log Data: We (or a third party in our place) may store data in the form of log data which websites record activity and statistics on the user's browsing habits. These logs are generated anonymously and help us, among other things, to collect the following information: the user's browser type and operating system, information about the user's session (such as the URL from which he came, date and time at which the site was visited and which pages were viewed and for how long) and other similar navigation or click flows. Information collected through Google Analytics will be kept for 38 months.
  • Web beacons: We (or third parties in our place) may use web beacons (or clear GIFs) on our sites. Web beacons (also called "web bugs") are small strings that allow a method to project a graphic image onto a web page for the purpose of transmitting data back to us. The data collected by web beacons may, for example, contain information on how a user reacts to an email campaign (eg the time at which the email is opened, which link the user clicks in the email , Etc.). We use Web Beacons information for a variety of purposes, such as web site traffic recording, visitor counting, advertising and email review and reporting, and personalization.

Manage cookie settings
Although this may change in the near future, most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but leave it to you to change those settings to delete existing cookies, block future cookies, or alert you when cookies arrive Your device will be sent. Please take note of your browser settings and instructions. If you change your settings, please be aware that this may make it impossible for you to use all of our features, or we may not be able to save your preferences and that some of our pages will no longer be fully displayed can. Please also note that if you use different computers in different locations, you must ensure that you set the browser accordingly on each computer.

Further information
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June 10, 2018